Reason’s April 2012 ‘Nanny of the Month’

The accompanying narrative from Reason:

We’ve got Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal demanding clean urine in exchange for welfare benefits (a bad idea that also doesn’t work as advertised, but hey, at least the boozers are safe!), North Carolina regulators busting a blogger for praising the paleo diet (an offense that can get you tossed in the clink!), but this month the freakiest controllers come to us from a Brazilian city where public schools have begun tracking thousands of 4-to-14-year-olds with GPS-embedded uniforms. (At least they’re not tagging the kiddos’ ears!)

Funny about ear-tagging: someone is sure to insist that if you can embed an identification chip in a pet, then you can/should/simply must embed a tracking device inside each human child. Expected arrival stateside of proposals like that: six to twenty-four months, tops.

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