Recall Candidate Kathleen Falk’s 3.30.12 Interview

Kathleen Falk, former Dane County Executive (until she quit mid-term), was the first recall candidate to challenge Gov. Walker. Despite her core of institutional support, I doubt she’ll be the nominee. Here in Wisconsin, I’ve met countless Republicans who hope she’s the Democratic challenger, on the (correct) theory that she’d be easier for Walker to beat than Milwaukee Mayor Barrett. (Barrett has outpaced Falk in recall-primary polls, even before his recent declaration.)

Embedded below is a video interview that public-television anchor Frederica Freyberg conducted with Falk. In it, one hears and sees all the problems of a Falk candidacy:

(1) over-relaince on instutitional backing (“I’ve earned the support of every single organization that’s endorsed on the Democratic side”),

(2) platitudinous answers, and

(3) a candidate who shows her age, in a race that demands a candidate who’s robust (an impression Falk does not convey).

The interview itself — not a single question but the whole atmosphere — puts Falk at a disadvantage: anchor Freyberg overshadows candidate Falk.

Republicans may hope for Falk; I doubt they’ll get their wish.

Watch Interview with candidate Kathleen Falk on PBS. See more from Here and Now.

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