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Recall Candidate Tom Barrett States His Case

I wrote yesterday about Kathleen Falk’s interview on Here and Now, a Wisconsin Public Televsion program. It was another in a series of mediocre appearances –she’s a candidate past her prime.

(For earlier posts along these lines, see Assessing the (Current) Recall Challengers’ Public Speaking and Assessing Kathleen Falk’s Initial Campaign Steps in a Recall Race. One of the secondary stories of the recall race is likely to be how the hyper-endorsed Falk lost the primary to Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.)

This brings us to Barrett, the latest entry, and the biggest name, in the Democrats’ recall lineup. He’s a former congressman, and current Milwaukee mayor. It’s an exaggeration when Falk touts her executive experience as unparalleled: Barrett’s managed a larger place than all the former Dane County executives’s county municipalities combined.

I’ve embedded Barrett’s phone interview with anchor Frederica Freyberg, below. One sees in it the strengths of a Barrett candidacy:

(1) He’s conversational, with a strong speaking voice.

(2) Barrett’s answers are responsive, direct, and specific to the questions he fields,

(3) He’s able to answer quickly, without hesitation, and

(4) Voters unfamiliar with Barrett (there are still some), will find his delivery compelling.

Freyberg promises a video interview with Barrett this Friday. He’ll do dozens of interviews between now and the May 8th recall primary (and even more afterward should he win that May contest).

He’ll hold up well.

Watch Barrett announces recall candidacy on PBS. See more from Here and Now.

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