Recall Organizer Lori Compas’s Declaration Speech

Embedded below is a video of recall-organizer-turned-candidate Lori Compas declaring against Sen. Majority Leader Fitzgerald in Wisconsin’s 13th District. Despite Sen. Fitzgerald’s numerous challenges to petition signatures, I’d guess a recall election in his district will happen.

(It’s a partisan video, from SSWIDTMS. Compas’s remarks are my only interest; the origin of the video isn’t important to me. )

(I’ve written a bit about Compas & Fitzgerald previously. See, Sen. Majority Leader Fitzgerald’s 12.19.11 Open Office.)

After her formal speech, she makes a few additional remarks near the end of the video. I’ll not offer commentary now, except to say what anyone can see – she’s a natural, unaffected speaker.

I don’t live in the 13th District, but of the many Wisconsin races this year (president, US senator, a gubernatorial recall, senatorial recalls, legislative races, and local elections), I think this race may be among the most interesting.

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