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Recourse against the IRS

Internal Revenue Service bias against Tea Party groups’ applications for tax- exempt status won’t simply be a talk-show topic: unfairly denied or delayed applicants are readying to sue:

Jordan Sekulow, policy director of conservative public interest law firm the American Center for Law and Justice, said he will be taking legal action against the IRS in the next few days on behalf of groups that were improperly targeted.

Seventeen ACLJ clients are ready to file suit against the IRS, he said.

Those clients “suffered damages, they lost membership and donations, they missed the election cycle, they missed key moments, they were not able to bring speakers in,” Sekulow said.

ACLJ has demanded that the IRS take action on 10 groups whose 501(c)(4) statuses have not yet been approved. Lawsuits will be filed whether or not the IRS complies with that request, he added.

This issue won’t fade; a lawsuit will only increase attention to federal conduct.

Via Tea Party Groups Plan Lawsuit @ Washington Free Beacon< /a>

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