Right to Information Worldwide Improves, but Europe Lags

“Our report shows that RTI laws have steadily improved over time, with the average score climbing from just 78 out of a possible total of 150 in 1995 to an average of 91 for the laws adopted since 2010,” said Toby Mendel, Executive Director of the Centre for Law and Democracy. “This is probably due partly to the fact that later laws can build on the experience of earlier laws, and partly to the fact that there are now stronger and clearer international standards on this key issue.”

One finding of the report is that some of the world’s weakest laws are in the older democracies of Europe. Austria is bottom with 37 points out of 150 points, Germany just scored 52 points and Italy 57 points. Spain has no law and its current draft has scored a very low 68 points.

Via RTI Rating: Update and Overview of Results and Trends @  Centre for Law and Democracy.

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