Rough Ride Settlement

The Rawlings-Blake administration is poised to pay a woman $95,000 after an alleged 2012 “rough ride” in a Baltimore police van — a practice spotlighted by Freddie Gray’s death.

The city’s spending panel is expected to agree Wednesday to settle a federal lawsuit involving a now-28-year-old woman who claimed she was thrown in the back of a police van, left unbuckled and “maniacally” driven after her arrest at a party in Hampden. Christine Abbott said she was slammed against the van’s wall during the ride, which left her feeling like “a piece of cargo.”

A 350-word memo to the Board of Estimates says the settlement was related to Abbott’s treatment during the arrest. It does not mention all of the allegations from her lawsuit, including her time in the van.

The memo prompted criticism Tuesday that the city was not providing a complete picture of the incident and the allegations of police brutality — an issue on which city officials have promised more transparency.

Via Baltimore to settle lawsuit alleging ‘rough ride’ by police @ Baltimore Sun.

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