Russia seeks registration of popular bloggers

It’s the responsibilities to the state that are worrisome:

Russian lawmakers suggest that internet authors whose works attract 10,000 or more visitors a day should be accredited as journalists, receiving all rights and responsibilities commensurate with this status.

The changes in state attitude to the blogosphere are the main part of the fresh package of amendments to the Law on Mass Media, Izvestia daily reported on Wednesday quoting an unnamed parliamentary source. According to the source, the figure of 10,000 daily visitors is already fixed in the draft papers, but did not specify if this was a single-time threshold or a mean index.

When a blogger signs for mass media accreditation he or she will automatically have an obligation to observe all legal norms applied to registered news outlets – the obligation to verify information before distributing it and responsibility for the consequences caused by the publications.

Via New bill equates popular bloggers to mass media — RT.

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