Signs of the Baby in a SWAT-Raid House

Any normal, competent person would have known:

“If there’s children involved in a house, we do not use any kind of distraction devices in those houses,” Terrell told “We just don’t take the chance on it….According to the confidential informant, there were no children. When they made the buy, they didn’t see any children or any evidence of children there, so we proceeded with our standard operation.”

But according to a lawyer hired by Bounkham’s parents, Boun Khan and Alecia Phonesavanh, even the most rudimentary surveillance would have revealed the presence of children in the house near Cornelia, which belongs to the couple’s relatives. The Phonesavanhs moved there with Bounkham and his three older sisters after their home in Wisconsin burned down. “They had been in this home for about two months,” the lawyer, Mawuli Mel Davis, told WSB-TV, the ABC station in Atlanta. “This is a stay-at-home dad who was out in front of the home, playing with the children on a daily basis. Any surveillance that was done would have revealed there was a father with four children who played in that driveway.”

Habersham County Sheriff’s OfficeBy Terrell’s own account, the SWAT team was relying on the report of a confidential informant who briefly visited the home on Tuesday night, just a few hours before the raid, and bought methamphetamine from Wanis Thonetheva, the Phonesavanhs’ nephew. “There was no clothes, no toys, nothing to indicate that there was children present in the home,” Cornelia Police Chief Rick Darby claimed. “If there had been, then we’d have done something different.” But Alecia Phonesavanh says anyone visiting the home should have noticed signs of children. “They say there were no toys,” she told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “There is plenty of stuff. Their shoes were laying all over.”

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