Speech Victory: Facebook to Allow Marijuana Reform Ads

Just in time for a Libertarian Party campaign that will rely heavily on marijuana reform:

Last week, news outlets reported that Facebook was rejecting ads by advocacy groups working on marijuana policy reform. The ads in question showed marijuana leaves, sometimes with photos of Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, and urged viewers to join a campaign to make marijuana reform an election issue. Several versions of the Facebook ads were submitted by Students for Sensible Drug Reform and Just Say Now, but were initially rejected. After EFF and the ACLU of Northern California reached out to Facebook about the issue, Facebook did the right thing and restored the ads.

Facebook has publicly established guidelines that state that a Facebook advertisement “may not promote tobacco or tobacco-related products, including cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco, tobacco pipes, hookahs, hookah lounges, rolling papers, vaporized tobacco delivery devices and electronic cigarettes.” But the language from the banned ads said simply things like: “Registered to vote? Make your voice heard on historic marijuana ballot measures this November” Another read “Marijuana Reform in 2012 | Obama and Romney are mum on marijuana reform. Learn how to make them start talking.”  Rather than advocate for marijuana usage, the banned ads urged users to get involved with fighting for reform.

Via Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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