Thanksgiving, Two Days Out

Two days’ time until Thanksgiving, but perhaps you’ve not had the time (or a spouse who made the time you might have) to make arrangements. All is not lost; on the contrary, Rachel Stearns and the foodies at Bon Appetit have your back.

Stearns asks, Do You Know Where Your Turkey Is?

It’s a multiple-choice question:
a) yes b) still in the freezer c) still in the grocery store’s freezer d) no

If you chose a), then kudos, you’re on the right track. If you chose b, c, or d, you’ve come to the right place for help. BA’s last-minute Thanksgiving guide has everything you need to pull off a veritable feast–even if you start prepping just two hours before the in-laws arrive.

Stearns’s post at the magazine’s website has links for info on drinks, iPhone apps for cooking tips (of course), with an easy-but-proper turkey recipe, including salad, saut√©, and dessert ideas.


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