The Armistice in the Koch Brothers War for the Cato Institute

The Cato Institute and prominent Republican donors Charles and David Koch are set to settle their legal fight over control of the libertarian think tank….

The settlement involves an agreement to dissolve the shareholder agreement. In addition, Crane is expected to retire under a deal that allows him to select his successor, though the Koch brothers could veto the choice.

Via National Journal.

We’ll see.  It’s heartening, though, that the press has stopped calling the Kochs libertarians, and begun to describe them as they are – former libertarians and current Republicans.

The Washingtonian‘s recent story on the Kochs bid to seize Cato described them accurately, too:

Although Charles Koch, 76, had once been a die-hard libertarian, he has emerged as a major financial champion of Republican causes. He and his brother plan to direct more than $200 million to conservative groups before Election Day, according to Politico.

They are no longer libertarians, and will never be dependable libertarian allies.

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