The Justice Department’s Dishonest, After-the-Fact Explanation

Mandy Nagy of Legal Insurrection spots the dishonesty in the Department of Justice’s assertion that it never intended to prosecute Fox reporter James Rosen for receiving classified documents.

Today, the DOJ contends that it didn’t anticipate charges, but that wasn’t the Department’s declaration when seeking a warrant:

A DOJ official said that no charges had been anticipated against Rosen, but the search warrant certainly didn’t seem that way. It read, in part, “There is probable cause to believe that the reporter has committed or is committing a violation of Section 793(d), as an aider and abettor, and/or co-conspirator, to which the materials relate.”

Violations of longstanding liberties – as freedom of the press in this case – only become unlikely – let alone unthinkable – with risk of exposure.

Via DOJ Official Says “No Charges Were Anticipated” Against Rosen @ Legal Insurrection

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