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The major parties love, feel they just can’t live without, corporatism

When you have friends in Washington who’ll write you a check from the taxpayers or sandbag your competitors, it’s easier to make money.

But when businessmen focus more on greasing the palms of politicians than on pleasing consumers, innovation is stifled, prices rise, employment falls, the economy stops growing.

Only the free enterprise system has ever produced wealth for ordinary people. All government need do to restore prosperity is provide a level playing field, with taxes and regulations that are simple, clear, fair and stable.

But it’s when things are complex and chaotic that politicians get rich.

Opposition to crony capitalism has come mostly from the Tea Party, joined by a few lonely voices on the left. For most Republicans and nearly all Democrats, it’s business as usual.

Via Crony Capitalism Infects Washington @ RealClearPolitics.

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