The Manipulated and Manipulative Force the GOP Has Become

Former Reagan OMB director Stockman sees the growth of corporatism:

Stockman is thus disgusted by his party’s rhetoric of the free market (it’s not free); individual responsibility (the chord connecting actions to consequences has been severed for the rich and powerful); as well as its rants about the entitlement society versus the job creators. He thus turns the rhetoric around. The “entitlement expectation” is on the part of financiers and corporate leaders who expect the government to support them. As he told Bill Moyers, “there have been so many bailouts, there has been so much abuse and misuse of government power for private ends … that now we have an entitled class in this country that is far worse than … the welfare queens that Ronald Reagan used to talk about.” They own Congress, he argues, “lock, stock and barrel.”

Via Crony capitalism: Stockman is disgusted with own party @ Deseret News.

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