The Moral High Ground

Thomas Piketty’s Capital in the Twenty-First Century moved the policy conversation onto a battleground that has traditionally favored the Left—inequality. Advocates of free enterprise were expected to object to Piketty’s premises and prescriptions, and they have: Why focus on relative outcomes rather than actual increases in living conditions for society’s less fortunate?

But perhaps the Left didn’t expect that Utah Senator Mike Lee and others would seize on the same populist impulse that’s fueled interest in Piketty and take aim at the privileged and the powerful from a different direction. Instead of Piketty’s redistributionist agenda, these reformers are calling for an end to crony capitalism and more limits on a spendthrift government….

True advocates for the poor should welcome conversations about reforming safety nets that can no longer support the expansive promises made by a profiteering political class. True foes of privilege should welcome advocates of limited government who are fighting against the cronyism that thrives when power is concentrated in Washington.

Via Crony Capitalism Critics Claim the Moral High Ground @ The American Spectator.

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