The problem with the Obama Admin’s proposal to put more police in schools

Expensive, most likely, but there are more serious problems than cost, as the ACLU correctly assesses:

“Many of the presidential actions announced today are thoughtful, and the ACLU is assessing all of the proposals that have been put forth. We have several concerns about the administration incentivizing police departments and school districts to put more police officers in schools,” said Laura W. Murphy, director of the ACLU’s Washington Legislative Office.

“We fear that neutral sounding safety policies, such as putting more cops in school will lead to the over-incarceration of school-age children, especially students of color and students with disabilities, who are disproportionately arrested and prosecuted for issues that would normally be handled by school administrators when law enforcement is introduced into schools.”

Others may decide how thoughtful these federal proposals are, but the increasing reach of law enforcement into an administrative, educational sphere is a huge mistake.

We’re over-criminalized now; this only aggravates that unwelcome condition.


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