The rise of “blue chip” Libertarian candidates

Yes, indeed:

In Johnson’s latest ad, a rowdy electric guitar solo blasts the ears and the viewer is asked, “Want government the hell out of healthcare? Baby, I’m with you. And I’m running for president.”

While Johnson’s high profile candidate defection from Republican red to Libertarian gold drew the ire of many policy archlibertarians who insist he isn’t a Ron Paul, the presence of Johnson in the LP has boosted the party’s street cred and raised the bar for third party candidates.

Polling as high as 7 to 12% in some parts of the country, Johnson is the first “blue chip” Libertarian of the 21st century: a candidate who possesses the right combination of charismatic moxie, electoral savvy and prior elected experience to make independents and disenfranchised voters crossover to third party in 2012.

Here’s that ad:

Via Gary Johnson and the rise of “blue chip” Libertarian candidates | Washington Times Communities.

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