The Selfish Institution


“With this being said, I would like to shine a light on an institution that breeds selfishness and exploitation by definition: the State.

When we talk about human action, especially in the context of the State, the bottom line is this: most individuals who wield and/or cheer on the use of state power–politicians, bureaucrats, corporations, partisans, and other politicos–only “cry wolf” when their own state power is forbidden, diminished, or used against them because state power is by definition self-serving at the expense of others.

Thus, the State should rightfully be called the Selfish Institution.

The Selfish Institution is first and foremost concerned with its own authoritative existence, i.e. its ability to maintain a monopoly on predatory force (as well as other things) in a given geographic area as the final arbiter in all disputes including those disputes which involve the state as a party. The selfish state, being this self-appointed final judge, jury, and executioner, sees itself standing above the law through its ability to arbitrarily make, enforce, and dispose of positive law as it sees fit…..”

Via The State, the Selfish Institution @ The Libertarian Republic.

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