The Think-Tank Addiction to Koch Money

Over at Politico, one can read paragraph after paragraph of think-tank spokesmen insisting that they would never, ever be impressionable from the Koch brothers.

Their statements would be more credible if (1) they were all on the record, and (2) if those who were on the record didn’t pretend the Cato-Koch conflict was something far-removed from their own concerns.

It’s not, of course, as the story fails to describe adequately both the Kochs’ well-known insistence on having their way and their level of funding (Mercatus being an example).

It’s also telling that many of the think-tanks & groups the Kochs now support aren’t independently libertarian, but are instead conservative, and GOP-leaning.

That’s one of the problems with their effort to grab Cato for themselves: after millions for Americans for Prosperity, for example, the Kochs are partisans in everything but the name.

See, Think tanks still look for Koch cash.

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