The Tide Turns Against Crony Capitalism

Veronique de Rugy sees a welcome shift in our politics:

But things are changing, I think. A growing number of people are aware that Big Business often teams up with Big Government, and that it’s causing big problems. People know this and they’re sick of it — the outrage about cronyism is definitely bipartisan.

It’s an issue that has been more aggressively embraced by free-market activities in Congress and around the country, and I actually think we’re about to see a backlash against “pro-business” Republicans (George Will rightfully argues that Eric Cantor’s demise can be traced back to people being fed-up with pro-business Republicans). If this trend continues, we may end up seeing a real shift in policies.

The first big test? In September, when the Ex-Im Bank reauthorization issue comes up. It will be interesting to watch.

Via The Kronies Return, in ‘Laughing All the Way to the Export-Import Bank’ @ National Review Online.

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