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Voeten on ‘Another ill-conceived attempt at regulating academic blogging’

WaPo Blogger Erik Voeten writes about an academic associations’ attempt to prohibit members’ blogging:

Last month I reported on an effort by the Kansas Board of Regents to make “improper use of social media” a ground for firing tenured faculty. Now Steve Saideman  reports that the executive committee of the International Studies Association (ISA) wants to compel all members of the editorial teams of its six academic journals to give up their personal blogs….

Saideman and many others have already stated reasons why such a policy is silly and unproductive. I also doubt that the ISA would have much legal ground to actually fire an editor who chooses to violate this policy, given that it offers no rational reason for distinguishing blogs from other types of speech. Blanket bans like this rarely survive courtroom challenges. The policy is so broad that it encompasses cat blogging, blogs used for teaching, as well as attempts to bring scholarship to a broader audience (our goal here at the Cage). Anything that is not a formal ISA blog is off-limits….

Via Another ill-conceived attempt at regulating academic blogging @ The Monkey Cage.

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