Volokh on the Reversal of a ‘$60,000 Verdict for Blogging the Truth About A Person Intending to Get Him Fired’

Eugene Volokh comments on the appellate reversal of a trial court judgment against a blogger for publishing truthful statements with the intention of getting someone fired Moore v. Hoff):

Sounds right to me, as I’ve argued from the outset, and it’s a big victory for free speech. If someone tells lies about people — or in some situations even makes negligent misstatements about people — that get them fired, he can be sued for defamation. But if someone tells the truth about people, and expresses an opinion that they should no longer have a certain kind of authority and get a taxpayer-funded salary (or even a privately funded salary), that should be constitutionally protected speech.

Volohk’s whole post is well-worth reading.

Via Volokh Conspiracy

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