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What was the economy of the Evil Queen’s kingdom like?

In the tale of Snow White (either from the Grimm Brothers or Disney), we’re told little about the workings of the Evil Queen’s kingdom. We don’t really know – and wouldn’t expect to know – much about the aggregate production or productivity of that fictional land.

Yet, from the nature of the Evil Queen’s conduct, one can make a good guess about economic conditions there.


Here’s that guess: the economy during her reign was weak and unproductive. One can say this confidently because the Evil Queen was arrogant, insecure, rigid, and utterly self-absorbed. Her proud and selfish character, after all, is what led her to gaze into a magic mirror, inquiring of mere beauty.

A leader like that will not allow for prosperous times, of growth and opportunity and optimism from among many people. She’ll not encourage growth for others, but be concerned principally with her own prominence.

One might tack on that lesson, every so often, when re-telling the tale.

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