Whistleblower arrested, forced into psychiatric hospital

Adrian Schoolcraft, a New York City police officer who secretly recorded his superiors at his Brooklyn precinct and disclosed the manipulation of crime reports, will receive $600,000 as part of a settlement reached with the city on Tuesday over his arrest and forced hospitalization.

The federal suit, which included allegations of a quota system at the Police Department, rampant misconduct in the taking of crime reports and a culture of retaliation against whistle-blowers, was filed in 2010 and had been about to go to trial.

In the suit, Officer Schoolcraft claimed his civil rights had been violated during an arrest on Oct. 31, 2009, and that he was kept for six days at a psychiatric ward at Jamaica Hospital Medical Center. The arrest and hospitalization were ordered, he said, by his bosses as retaliation for his disclosures, which were first publicized in The Daily News.

Via Officer Who Disclosed Police Misconduct Settles Suit @ New York Times.

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