‘With the police still withholding evidence, their behavior during and after the “biker massacre” and mass arrests still very suspicious’

Brian Doherty updates:

I’ve been reporting information that casts doubt on the official police story of what supposedly happened outside the Waco restaurant Twin Peaks back in May—a mad biker gun-firing melee shut down by brave cops—for months now.

A reporter from GQ who got to spend some face to face time down in the area with eyewitnesses tells pretty much the same story that seems likely to me: a situation where at best a shot or two from biker on biker led to a brutal police massacre of the innocent—9 dead, 18 wounded (GQ reports 20, but on the day of the event the reported wounded was 18)—followed by face-saving illegitimate arrests of 177.

Via Waco Biker Massacre: GQ Writer Paints a Picture of Likely Police Misconduct @ Reason.com.

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